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Trans Gulf (TGL) paves the way to guide and ensure a low risk hiring strategy to handle timely employee and labor.  We provide a consultancy of the benefits of investing and support in proficiently securing the careers present in the company. Our team performs a thorough analysis in identifying the skills, frequency, and delivery – to retain the existing staff and training the right job role to selective staff cadre.

As one of the top recruiters in Sri Lanka, we research in terms of developing employer and employee equality and impact of the business achievements. TGL delivers the following benefits through the service, whilst representing the company’s main aims and objectives:

  • Tips on Keeping up with industry changes and technological advancements
  • Strategies to stay ahead of the competitors.
  • Filling weakness gaps and toning employee’s skills.
  • To escalate advanced employee skills an evaluation and incentive scheme to be implemented.
  • Help boost personal and job satisfaction by considering important business views to the employee’s mindset.
  • Making optimal use of the existing employees talents – trained and awarded accordingly, while transforming progressive output.

Get in touch with our team of experienced recruiters to have an insight of our ongoing staff requirements that we can provide for you.

TGL is one of the oldest manpower agencies in Sri Lanka, willing to filter the most ideal candidate to fit into your company job description. International job opportunities are known to be extremely challenging – with meeting individuals from different cultures, backgrounds, mindsets, traditions, and norms of society.

Our team of recruitment establishes a port to connect to groups of candidates applied for the respective vacancies. The process is operated with the aim of saving space and time for important applicant selection. Throughout the years, proven track records achieved candidates and companies through successful volume.

Carefully selected personalities who are inspired with positive goals are interviewed through a process. The candidate is sourced and his or her responses are handled based on observation of backgrounds. Our team is proficient to handle a one-to-one personal screening and interviewing, whilst collecting the right records to enable the possibility of fulfilling your business goals.

We recommend to consult our recruitment team experts to provide a guide on hiring permanent staff for your business. We recruit from many countries which are listed below

South Asia Region

  • Sri Lanka
  • Nepal
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Bhutan

South East Asia Region

  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • Myanmar

Central Asia

  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Tajikistan

Eastern Europe

  • Montenegro
  • Albania
  • Serbia
  • Macedonia


  • Egypt
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia
  • South Africa
  • Ghana
  • Kenya

As one of the leading Headhunters in Sri Lanka, TGL has focused solely on their client while assisting in describing the job role, company culture, and workforce demands by conducting a personal-professional approach with the client directly.

Our team of headhunters maintain a contractual relationship with individuals who support in filling recruitments for Senior and Top Management positions.   Our pick concerns candidates who have successfully maintained progressive records and retained a reputation in other large corporates. Trans Gulf has received good will and trust among the team and the clients to perform further and better in our headhunting services.

TGL’s headhunters are outsourced by our renowned clients who are interested in managing excellent expertise for successful leadership and operations. The headhunters are assured friendly, approachable, and progressive and supporting network connections. The process is executed once a qualitative candidate is hired with a casual interview.

The candidate is a part of our headhunter’s private professional space when;

  • The right candidate is chosen after intense research and deep specifications are performed on the job role.
  • Through extensive networking and character research, our headhunters are proficient to spot emerging talent.
  • Conducts a preliminary job profile research to match the right skills for the job role.
  • The attitude –Passionate, persistent, and driven to build networks, submit executives and maintain respectful relationships with the client.

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At Trans Gulf Limited, we comprise a global network of registered migration agents, barristers, solicitors, licensed visa consultants, and highly experienced processing staff. We have extended our services for providing Visa Assistance for Visa Procedures. All details are thoroughly analyzed in every Visa Application and supporting documents to ensure a smooth process.

We also undertake Clearance services. The customers’ convenience is taken care of by finalizing the documents and saving the clients from complex administrative procedures. Our team has the experience and expertise to simplify the process, ensuring there are no procedural delays. We take care of the entire process.

Contact us for more information.

We believe any human resource requires a human touch – lively connections and human capital assurance. TGL is recognized as a one of the concerned manpower agencies in Sri Lanka, which supports clients to reach out for matching candidates through this platform.

TGL presents human resource models pertaining to the relative companies willing to hire to connect to their vacancy. This caters to peace of mind, convenience, awareness, and sustainability of retaining employees for a longer period. In concern to international job vacancies, we aim to provide human capital solutions which improve efficiency and actively fulfil the company vision and mission.

Primarily, we offer our clients assistance in identifying employee needs, create an action plan and encourage the facilitation of change during business intervals to enhance employee morale.

The results guarantee employers who are driven to produce a high level of productivity and efficiency while minimizing employee turnover. Irrespective of the company growth size, TGL is ready to offer out-source and troubleshoot essential human resource functions.

Keep up to date – Contact us to receive the latest HR recruitment operations and procedures.

We make employers lives contactable by managing the client’s payroll services professionally. TGL ensures smooth company cash flow including calculation of payroll taxes, statutory filings, payroll enquiries, insurance handling and many financial instruments of the company are organized at your best convenience. Benefit of Time is provided for the company employees to focus on the business’s goals and objectives while we take care of your employees’ performance, compensations and employee pay rights.

One hundred percent of data security is guaranteed through our     cutting-edge encryption technology to ensure your critical information is safe. We assure the benefit of performing these operations outside an organization not only ensures safety, but also professional responsibility handled, including a trace of electronic payment methods to avoid misconceptions about potential losses.

TGL has developed to coordinate with advanced pay-roll systems that are error-free, faster, convenient and cooperative with other corporations. This procedure supports Trans Gulf to potentially provide transparent audits of employee service payments accurately.

Moreover, the system is utilized strictly by authorities of our Payroll team to preserve timeliness of your financial management flow for human resources.

Connect with our team of Pay-Roll experts through TGL for further insights in our business operations.

The top recruiters in Sri Lanka, provide a brief in gaining experience to hiring the right roles in the job market.  TGL’s system incorporates consultancy in making career decisions that are complex. Our solutions as a manpower agency concern individual support, provision of tools to make career counselling accurate and consistent and performing career tests for independent individuals taking a big step in their work-life.

Our career guidance covers features such as; designing a personalized career model, introducing analytical approaches to decide on the matching work criteria, the performance of a small research-driven framework to understand your job needs.

The gap of many unemployed individuals willing to take a leap of applying their skills on local and international companies are bridged by our career guidance expertise. Recognizing this gap, our career guidance framework helps in career planning, fitment evaluation and skill-building. Our global career decision framework is fully accurate and comprehensive.

Let’s connect with you to provide a free career guidance for better performances in manpower of your business.